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Who am I?

I’ve been working in Communications for nearly 10 years and I’ve gained a lot of experience working with different communication methods and tools.

I like challenges and creative work. My passion is in the digital world and creating visually appealing contents – website creation/development, user experience enhancement and content creation brings challenges to my daily work. I’m very keen on video- and photography which I’ve gradually brought into my job description. I love working with creative, open-minded people to innovate and develop new ideas.

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    Jori Salomaa
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    +358 40 740 8384
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    Floorball, Ice Hockey, Music & Games

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    Word, PowerPoint, Excel
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    PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Premiere Pro
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Get to know my work and education history.


Qualification in Audiovisual Communication in the field of Digital Communication

Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK (Finland) / 09/2012 – 10/2013

The Qualification focused on design and implementation of digitally published online communication and working methods and tools.

I learned to create a technically good website in HTML5 and CSS3 languages and how to manage the whole process in a website project.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Corporate Communication)

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Pori (Finland) / 08/2006 - 06/2011

The Degree Programme in Corporate Communication educated specialists and experts for small- and medium sized enterprises working on the global market.

The CC programme prepared me to work on a broad scale of tasks in the international business environment in communications.


Digital Communications Manager

Santen EMEA / 04/2017 -

My job is to provide state of the art digital communications solutions for Santen EMEA’s needs – to review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of development in digital communication.

My work is deeply involved in developing and managing new and innovative ideas to help promote a positive Santen brand internally and externally where digital solutions play a key role.

Communications Specialist

Santen Oy / 11/2014 - 04/2017

My main task was to market the brand “Santen” and to promote a positive public image both internally and externally.

My work moved on from the previous years to the more technical side of communications. I got “tangled up” with WordPress and website development which lead me in creating two different internal digital news platforms for the company. I worked on enhancing user experience on Santen’s intranet and websites always trying to find something new to keep the company in forefront in digital communications.

The biggest and most demanding (although rewarding) task was being the project manager for renewing Santen’s EMEA-wide intranet.

As a member of the Corporate Communication Group EMEA I had the pleasure of working in a multicultural environment in various interesting communication projects. I also worked with our marketing department in different projects mainly as a technical/ux advisor.

Communications Assistant

Santen Oy / 04/2009 - 11/2014

My position in Communications at Santen contained for an example internal and external communications, intranet and website development, upkeep and actualizing and the coordination of various projects.

I was also involved with various Marketing and HR department projects which tasks included for an example graphic design such as brochures and advertisement in different forms.


If you are interested to hear more please get in touch with email or phone.

+358 40 740 8384